Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pack Break: 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

While at the local Wally World last night, I had the burning desire to open a pack of cards.  Before I knew it I was standing in front of the card aisle checking out the selection.  Much to my surprise, it must have been recently replenished since there was plenty to choose from, for once -- including something I had never seen there before -- packs of 08 Sweet Spot.

I had never opened any of this stuff before and it took me a moment to decide whether or not I wanted to drop $20 on one pack of cards. Obviously I decided to do it since you are reading this post.  I realize how insane it is to drop that much on one pack of cards that may have yielded nothing but 8 base cards. I understand this, but such is life.

Base Cards:



Overall, I think I would give this pack a 3/5. 

Cons:  The high price point makes it unlikely I will buy any more of it (there's always that possibility though).  I am so sick of the YSL cards and am pretty dissapointed that this was in a pack I paid that much money for. Game used relics don't excite me that much, unless it's a Phillies card. I would have much preferred to pull even a low-end autograph.

Pros:  At least I didn't end up with 8 base cards. The base cards are printed on decent stock and I like the design of them.  Full bleed, nice photography, and the baseball stitching detailing is a nice touch.  I didn't show the back, but it includes a little blurb about the player which I always appreciate.

Will I Buy More?:  I don't intend to unless Walmart marks them down, but it was a nice impulse buy while it lasted. If it was cheaper, I might have gone after the set base since it is small and nice looking.  Pick it up if you can find it, but don't expect to get a huge thrill out of it unless you're really lucky.

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