Saturday, May 9, 2009

Phillies TTM out this week 5/4

In addition to collecting Phillies cards, I also collect autographs TTM and sometimes in person. I sent out the following Phils' requests this week.

  1. RJ Swindle - c/o Brewers (sent 2008 IronPigs team issue)
  2. Bruce Chen - c/o Omaha Royals
  3. Wendell Magee, Jr. - c/o Home
  4. Mike Lieberthal c/o Home
  5. Bob Boone - c/o Nationals
  6. Mike Anderson - c/o Home
  7. Rick Schu - c/o Home
If you're interested in any of the addresses, comment or shoot me an e-mail. Otherwise I'll keep you updated on my successes.