Monday, August 24, 2009

Computers are the devil...

Normally, you would never hear me utter those foul words. Normally I love computers. But not when my normally reliable computer cuts me off. Where's the love, I ask?!?

Anyway, posts will be sporadic at best until I get my laptop back up and running. I am typing this on an old Compaq running Linux that I can't scan with. To anyone who has emailed me in the past couple of weeks, I promise I will get back to you...someday.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pack Break: 2008 Upper Deck Sweet Spot

While at the local Wally World last night, I had the burning desire to open a pack of cards.  Before I knew it I was standing in front of the card aisle checking out the selection.  Much to my surprise, it must have been recently replenished since there was plenty to choose from, for once -- including something I had never seen there before -- packs of 08 Sweet Spot.

I had never opened any of this stuff before and it took me a moment to decide whether or not I wanted to drop $20 on one pack of cards. Obviously I decided to do it since you are reading this post.  I realize how insane it is to drop that much on one pack of cards that may have yielded nothing but 8 base cards. I understand this, but such is life.

Base Cards:



Overall, I think I would give this pack a 3/5. 

Cons:  The high price point makes it unlikely I will buy any more of it (there's always that possibility though).  I am so sick of the YSL cards and am pretty dissapointed that this was in a pack I paid that much money for. Game used relics don't excite me that much, unless it's a Phillies card. I would have much preferred to pull even a low-end autograph.

Pros:  At least I didn't end up with 8 base cards. The base cards are printed on decent stock and I like the design of them.  Full bleed, nice photography, and the baseball stitching detailing is a nice touch.  I didn't show the back, but it includes a little blurb about the player which I always appreciate.

Will I Buy More?:  I don't intend to unless Walmart marks them down, but it was a nice impulse buy while it lasted. If it was cheaper, I might have gone after the set base since it is small and nice looking.  Pick it up if you can find it, but don't expect to get a huge thrill out of it unless you're really lucky.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Custom Card: 2010 UD XXX Nomar Garciaparra

So, playing off of this post at a Cardboard Problem, I just had to throw my hat into this ring.  I could not resist creating a card featuring a shirtless, not hatless but logoless player. The only sadness comes from the fact that it is not a night card (you can pretend it is, though) at Dodger Stadium.  Enjoy it in all its license-less glory!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Topps to be the "Official" card of MLB?

The ladies over at A Cardboard Problem scooped everyone.  Apparently Topps will gain wxclusive production rights, which obviously knocks Upper Deck out of competition.

Read their post here:
A Cardboard Problem: Breaking News: Topps gets exclusive rights to MLB cards

Me? I'm not sure how I feel about this. As someone who still considers themselves fairly new to the world of collecting (I've been off and on since around 2003), I still get confused with new releases and what product to buy.  I always end up dropping waaaay too much money on product I don't ever intend to actually commit to. So I can see how kids (and their parents) could be turned off by cards -- high price point, few cards in packs, so many products that it is confusing. Do I think it's a good/bad move? I don't know; truth is, no one will until it actually happens. We can speculate.  All I know is that it will make it much easier to collect what I collect, which does make me a bit happier.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

These Cards Are Dreamy...

This card will be included in Topps Updates and Highlights  on Twitpic This card will be included in Topps Updates and Highlights  on Twitpic

If you didn't already know, Topps has a Twitter account (find it here). Yesterday they tweeted these drool-worthy cards from the upcoming Updates & Highlights set. I hope these translate well into cards because the pictures look stupendous. And just to let everyone know -- I will officially be chasing this set.

Ch-ch-check it out at VOTC.

Lots of contests going on lately at various blogs. The latest being over at Voice of the Collector. So head over and try to win yourself some sweet National swag!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Post That Should Not Be

I told myself I wouldn't do it. I made a promise, nay a vow, to myself that I would not do it.

I did it.

While perusing the aisles of the local Wal-Mart, I saw it. In all its Ginter-y glory. And like the fool which I am, I bought it.

I won't bore you with scans of every card in every pack. I will show you the Phillies and the "hits." I think we've all seen enough Allen & Ginter after the Gint-a-Cuffs shenanigans. Anything non-Phillies is up for trade. Just shoot me an email at

Pack #1
#63 Andrew Miller
#164 Erik Bedard
#92 Joe Mauer
#350 Jimmy Rollins
#222 Akinoi Iwamura Mini
#NP54 Carlos Zambrano National Pride
Pack #2
#281 Jake Peavy
#290 Cat Osterman
#178 Adam LaRoche
#282 Eric Chavez
#305 Javier Vazquez Mini Black Border
#NP53 Vladimir Guerrero National Pride
Pack #3
#154 Corey Hart
#203 Scott Kazmir
#125 Randy Johnson
#336 Ryan Ludwick
#HHB17 James Reavis Worlds Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, & Bamboozles Mini
#NP52 Daisuke Matsuzaka National Pride
Pack #4
#118 Scott Olsen
#122 Dontrelle Willis
#108 The Alamo
#41 Victor Martinez
#NH7 Juan Santamaria National Heroes (Costa Rica) Mini
#NP51 Albert Pujols National Pride
Pack #5
#163 Matt Garza
#173 Francisco Rodriguez
#81 Willie Williams
#343 Doc Holliday
#89 Elvis Andrus Mini
#NP58 Derek Jeter National Pride
Pack #6
#296 Bobby Abreu
#12 Jermaine Dye
#140 Loren Opstedahl (sheep shearing, really?)
#29 Jonathan Papelbon
#318 Delmon Young Mini A&G Back
#NP57 Victor Martinez National PridePack #7
#168 Adrian Gonzalez Mini A&G Back
#262 John Danks
#130 Johnny Damon
#96 Geronimo
#334 Pat the Bat
#NP56 Edinson Volquez
Pack #8
#191 Hiroki Kuroda
#153 CC Sabathia
#17 Manny Ramirez
#AGHS15 Jon Lester Sketch Card
#162 Shane Victorino Mini
#NP55 Kosuke Fukudome National Pride
Overall, a nice break. Like most blasters, nothing too exciting and it's pretty much all trade bait. Email or comment if you want anything.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Trade With Hand Collated

I'm still pretty behind in posting trades and Ebay purchases, but I'm still plugging away. Typically I would also show more than just one scan but the cards have already been integrated into the collection and I was plain old just too lazy to scan them in. So, with that being said, I present my trade with Scott from Hand Collated.

In addition to Mr. Schmidt, Scott also sent the following cards:

1987 Topps: 355, 443, 553, 702

1988 Topps: 38, 398, 406, 494, 572, 669, 731, 756

1988 Donruss: 207

2007 Topps: 504

2007 Topps Red Back: 504

2009 Topps Walmart: 44, 73

2009 Topps Heritage: 140

2009 Upper Deck: 291, 293, 298

2009 Topps: 103, 191, 397, 650, RH51

And a card of a hockey goalie that my daughter was super happy to receive and has since been put into her special box of cards.

Thanks again, Scott, I've got some cards set aside to send out to you. And if you haven't already, check out Hand Collated.