Sunday, October 6, 2013

Recently Acquired Phillies for Your Aesthetic Enjoyment

Sadly I sit here, all hope for the post season lost, sifting through cards. That's almost a lie; I couldn't tell you the exact moment I lost hope in a postseason, but it sure as heck wasn't too recent. Anyway, after two days of being sick, I think I've successfully infected every other person in the house. At this moment all other humans in the vicinity are taking a nap or watching cartoons, which means I should have about 15 minutes to update this poor excuse for a blog before someone needs something.

A few new cards have recently fallen into my possession. Really, you'd think it would be impossible to impulse buy via the internet. I mean, there is plenty of time with which to rethink a purchase. That being said, I am the Queen of internet impulse buying. That's how these cards came into my possession.
2013 Topps #26B Chase Utley SP

2013 Topps #6B Ryan Howard SP
Can I just say that I hate this "short print variation" garbage? As a collector on a budget, it usually means more cards that won't see the light of my collection as I typically don't have the money to buy a bajillion boxes and packs of cards. Sometimes I am lucky enough to find a person who is willing to trade these cards for one of my sad stacks of 1990 Donruss. Other times, I have to resort to trade sad stacks of money for these cards. That's what I did here, which means if anyone is still interested in 1990 Donruss, just let me know. On a lighter note, I love to see pictures of players signing for kids. It hits me right in the feels, ya know? Maybe because I know from my own kids how happy it makes them when someone takes the time to sign for them. Moving on.

2013 Topps Commemorative Patch 
Another fad I just don't understand is Commemorative Patches. Yeah, it's cool looking, I like the retro patch. But really, what's the point? Oh well, any Schmidt's a good Schmidt, as they say (I don't think anyone has ever really said that, but they should).

2012 Topps Black #259 Michael Stutes
I don't have the same disregard for serial numbered cards as I do for SPs and commemorative patches. I adore numbered cards. I can't explain it, really. Anyway, Stutes is one of the aforementioned players that signed stuff for my kids when he was with Reading back in 2009. If I remember I'll try to dig one of those things up and add it to my ever growing "To Scan" stack.

2012 Topps Tribute Tribute to the Stars #TSR-RHO 
2012 Topps Tier One Relic
The last two cards are fancy cards from fancy packs, i.e. packs I can't afford, so don't buy. I'll be honest with you for a minute -- even though "game-used" cards (and I use that term loosely) are over produced and a dime a dozen, I still get excited every time one falls into my possession. These two also happen to be low numbered, which makes me sqee a little inside. However, I don't understand why the Howard is encapsulated in 3 inches of plastic.

Oh yeah, and if anyone's interested, I guess I'll root for the Pirates. Because Pennsylvania and all that.

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