Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In honor of the Marlin's 100th loss...

1996 Pacific Prisms Gold #P52 Lenny Dykstra
I've come to terms with the fact that the Phils have clinched their first losing season since 2002. I'm okay with it, I swear. Honestly, I'm a pretty optimistic person; glass half full and all that. So while I might be crying into my Wheaties about the losing season, I do have at least one thing to smile about.

At least we didn't lose 100 games.

Last night we served those fish faces their 100th loss. I'll admit that it's a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing September.

So, while I was planning what to write about in this post (planning??? what is that????), I did a little research (research!). Way back in the dark ages of 1997, when the Marlins were from plain old Florida and not all fancy and from Miami, we traded some guy named Darren Daulton to them for Billy McMillon.

1994 Ultra Phillies Finest #3 Darren Daulton
I wish I had a Billy McMillon card to show you, but alas, he seems to be missing from my collection. (Instead I included good ol' Lenny because in my mind Daulton and Dykstra go together like peanut butter and ladies) So far, I've catalogued 1,324 Phillies cards and not one single one of them is poor, old Billy. This lead me to do a little more research (seriously, I must be sick or something). Apparently, Billy has 13 cards from 97/98 that picture him as a Phillie. I still have a lot more cards to go through, but I somehow can predict that nary a one will show me Mr. McMillon's smiling mug (full disclosure: I have no idea whether or not he smiles on his cards; I've never seen one). I may have to break down and buy one just to say I have it. Otherwise, how can I sleep at night knowing my collection will never be complete until I obtain a 1998 Donruss Billy McMillon card?

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  1. welcome back. Sorry the Phillies sucked. (not really)
    I trust we'll have your support to root for the Braves to crush all other meaningless teams en route to the W.S.?