Saturday, September 7, 2013

First Trade Since Being Back

I am super happy to record my first trade since falling off the wagon - er, I mean, getting back into collecting again. This trade comes to me from a user named Mike on Sports Card Forum. (If you want to look me up there or be my friend or just stalk my sadly small number of posts, my name is PhilsFaninNY)

For the price of a couple 2013 Topps inserts I scored a couple Phillies for my collection.

Why, yes, that is a 2013 Topps Tyler Cloyd RC. It was just announced today that Cloyd would take Ethan Martin's spot in the rotation effective immediately. 

These next two might look like the exact same card, but I would have to tell you that you are sadly mistaken. Well, not really. Technically, I guess they are the same card, but the one on the right is... wait for it... HOLOFOIL! I don't know what holofoil means other than it makes the card extra shiny and that makes me extra happy. You may remember from my initial tenure on this blog that shiny cards are my favorite. The shinier the better. That has not changed at all; in fact, the shiny love may have even gotten worse. 

In other news, The Great Card Re-Organization of 2013 is still underway. I'm knee deep in cards and don't seem to be getting anywhere organizationally wise, but I'm having a blast sifting through all the boxes of cards I've neglected for the past 4 years. I promised the spouse that I would get rid of some, so if there is anything you're looking for let me know. I'm also working on updated wantlists and tradelists, so stay tuned for that, as well.

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