Monday, September 9, 2013

So, a girl walks into a card show...

Ok, "girl" might be pushing it these days, but anyway. (I mean, I am of the female persuasion; however, I think I am fast encroaching on "lady" territory. Now, stop getting me off track or I'll never get this post written.)

Where was I? Ah, yes, card show. I did, in fact, walk into a card show this past weekend and walked out with a nice stack of cards nobody else wanted. First, you have to understand that I avoid any and all "high dollar" items. And by "high dollar" I obviously mean anything over a literal dollar. I sniff out quarter bins like a dog sniffs out stuff that dogs like to sniff. I'll gladly peruse through boxes of other people's junk.

To get straight to the point, here's some of the junk I found. I'll have to do a part deux of this post because I am too lazy to finish scanning tonight.

A lovely trifecta of 1981 Donruss cards featuring Mr. Pete Rose. I had no idea that Pete had this many cards in the ol' 81 set. I also have no idea what my scanner did to these cards, but the edges don't look so wonky in real life. I know you were probably worried. And, as an added bonus for you, a casual observation -- it's a good thing that Pete has all that beautiful flowing hair, because that batting helmet doesn't look like it would protect him in a pillow fight.

Moving on.

Say hello to Howard, Halladay, and Hamels (oh my!). First, up is Ryan Howard on a 2007 Topps Stars card. Even though I was still collecting back in 2007, this is the first one of these cards I've seen. Eh. Let's leave it at that; even I, queen of all cards shiny and gaudy, can't find it in me to think this card is all that aesthetically pleasing. Next up, is a double shot of the Doctor. A 2013 base card for my team set and my very first Gypsy Queen. Now, I've been pretty vocal in the past about my dislike of the Ginter sets, but the Gypsy Queen stuff is growing on me. Full disclosure, I have opened exactly zero packs of it and am basing my opinion solely on this one card. I also really enjoy that Roy is immortalized in a chicken-esque dance pose. Being from Pa. Dutch country and all, the chicken dance holds a special place in my heart. Rounding out the post is Cole Hamels on a Starquest card. A Gold Rare something something, no less. I don't know what that means (Geez, I've been saying that a lot lately), but it's slightly shiny and that could be a goldish background. Is it actually rare? Do I care enough to look up any information about this card? Not so much and it cost me a quarter. 

Stay tuned for an unresearched, poorly written Part 2 Post. What's in store, you ask? Schmidt, Carlton, and some beat up vintage (non-Phillies! I am a sucker for any card that's marked $.25). 

Stay golden (and rare).

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