Thursday, July 2, 2009

Card O' The Day: 1959 Topps #300 Richie Ashburn

Now, don't get me wrong, I like Jimmy Rollins just as much as the next Phils fan, but he's slumping right now. He came back after a four game vacay to hit leadoff and is now 0 for 27. Which leads me to the Card O' The Day...1959 Topps #300, none other than Mr. Ashburn himself. One of the greatest leadoff batters in major league history (not that I am biased, of course). This card is from the year after Richie beat out Willie Mays to win his second NL batting title, he hit .350 in 1958. Coincidentally, Richie is also the last Phillie to have won a batting title. Richie was traded after the '59 season to the Chicago Cubs and and retired after the '62 season with the Mets. So enjoy the vintage goodness and bask in the glory of Mr. Ashburn.

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