Monday, July 27, 2009

Recently Acquired Cards, part 2

I have a rapidly growing pile of cards sitting on my table that need to be accounted for, scanned, badly blogged about and put away. This would account for why I am actually posting 2 days in a row (yay, me!). Hopefully it's the start of a trend because even if no one actually reads my post it is very cathartic for me. No one in my house wants to hear about cards -- even my husband who does try his hardest to be interested. This is my outlet. Any way...

Mr. Night Owl himself sent me a nice stack of cards and all it cost me was some lousy Dodgers that were collecting dust here in Phillies country.
I love flashy 90's cards. They make me giggle in a little girl kind of way -- but I digress. Greg was nice enough to send me some stupendously shiny cards. I love the Burell ornament. I think I have one somewhere, but now I have one for my collection and one for my Christmas tree! This just might push my husband over the edge. The mid-90's Metal sets are so tacky that I can't help but love them to pieces.
More old stuff -- less shiny, but appreciated none-the-less. Looking at these cards, I just noticed that the Upper Deck Steve Jeltz has a fabulous mid-air moment on the back that the ladies over at Dinged Corners would be sure to appreciate. Another casual observation -- if you squinch your eyes and look at George Vukovich he bears a slight resemblance to Jack Black.
My first 2 Topps variations. I believe this is the Target variation. If I may make a suggestion to Topps... I think they should print all their cards on this thicker stock. It makes for a much nicer card.
Some 2009 Upper Deck. Insert your own witty comment here, I got nothin'.
A couple of 09 Goudey. I still find these cards mildly unnerving. But any Schmidt is a good Schmidt, I always say. (Actually that is the first time I've ever said that and probably the last.)
Love these almost as much as the original 1960 set. Partly, I think, because of the nice thick stock. That's the second time this post I've mention cardboard quality -- most newer cards feel so flimsy and cheap. I don't like.
Shiny, gold, and Chase. In that order. 09 Bowman.
And, finally, a couple for the minor league binder. I have had the pleasure of seeing Vance pitch in AA Reading this season. If I make it to another game, I just might try to get this one signed.

Send some Dodgers Greg's way and stay tuned for more recently acquired cards.