Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mailday! 7/9/09

I feel like this post should have a catchy title that I can use whenever I post a mailday. Unfortunately for you, dear reader, I am not feeling particularly witty today. So the title will remain Mailday! for now.

First up, a recently completed trade with Topher over at Crackin Wax. This was actually my first real "blog-to-blog" trade. We were able to swap some extra 2009 OPC cards that we both had laying around. Here's my end of the deal...
Next up is a large package of Phillie goodness from Collective Troll. There was way too much to scan in and show, but here is the whole reason for the package...
A complete 1987 Donruss Opening Day Phillies team set!

There was much more in the package that was greatly appreciated for not only putting a dent in my sets, but also for aesthetic value. Watch your mail, Troll, there's some Rays coming your way...

Many thanks to Topher and Collective Troll!

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