Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Recent TTM Successes, part 2

My first TTM successes post was all OPC-centric. Today let's focus on some good ole' 2009 Topps cards. Again, clean design, nice photography; these cards are much glossier than the OPC and required a rubdown before being sent out. I prefer the baby powder method as it has rarely failed me in the past. (Yes, I am that anal retentive about cards I send out to get signed)

For the most part this batch of signatures were fairly legible, so I will try to keep my penmanship comments to a minimum.

Jake Westbrook c/o Indians
Jake returned this card to me in exactly 2 weeks. Ok, I can't help looks to me like he wrote "Tulu Wuthl". Does anyone else see this?

Koji Uehara c/o OriolesAnd 4 days later saw the return of Koji. I feel like he should put at least 1 exclamation point after his signature. I also like that he only signs his first name. Like Cher. Or Maddona. Koji!

Matt Harrison c/o RangersThe same day as Koji!, Mr. Harrison also appeared in my mailbox. I have no snide comments for Matt. It's a decent, readable signature and looks nice on the card. Color me commentless.

Jered Weaver c/o AngelsHmmm, while the photograph defies the laws of gravity, the signature defies the laws of chirography. Ponder on that for awhile.

And so ends another installment of my recent TTM successes. Overall, 2009 Topps looks pretty nice signed, especially in blue, but that's just my personal preference. Stay tuned for more to come.

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