Sunday, July 12, 2009

Personal Confession Time, pt. 1

Ok, I'm sorry that's not really true. False blog advertising, I guess.

Actually, this post is about my insomniac, e-bay addicted husband. Normally these two afflictions of his are a source of pain in the rear end for me. Sometime, just sometimes, it actually works in my favor. Today is one of those days.

He must have run out of motorcycles and GI Joes to look at because he won some auctions for me.

First up is a 1982 Topps Phillies team set. Obviously this is not a picture of the actual cards I will be receiving...I hope. If it is, then the seller is one confused individual. But they should look quite similar to some of those cards below.
Next up is a lot of 17 1975 Topps Phillies cards. Those cards look a little something like this...
Crazy ugly, I know.

Lastly, for now, a lot of 27 different 1961 Topps Phillies. Mmm, vintage goodness.
So, there you have it -- you know where I will be -- waiting by my mailbox, possibly drooling slightly in anticipation of ripping open some envelopes.

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