Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cardboard Spotlight: 2008 SP Legendary Cuts Generations #GEN-MA

(If there are actually people who read this blog on occasion, you may know that I had a sporadicly regular post called Card O' The Day. Well, I changed the name because obviously there were more days without a card than with. So now a Cardboard Spotlight will occur whenever I feel like it. Live and learn, I guess.)

I probably should have posted this card during the Phils - Cards series, but I procrastinate and I never got around to it until today.

Basic Info --
Brand: SP Legendary Cuts
Subset: Generations Dual Memorabilia
Number: GEN-MA

How did I acquire this card? I don't remember exact details, but I don't believe I traded for it. I'm pretty sure I bought it off of another collector through one of the forum sites, not Ebay.

Why spotlight this card? It's Mike Schmidt, duh. And that Pujols guy. I hear he's a pretty decent player, too. But, no really, it's Mike Schmidt and a minuscule piece of bat that is certified to have been used in an official MLB game. What's not to love? And it seemed fitting since the Phils recently rocked St. Louis' world.

Anything else you should know? Memorabilia cards were inserted 4 per box on average. A hobby box of this stuff will run you about $93.00 from Dave & Adam's Card World. According to Beckett *gasp* this card is valued between $6 and $15; you can pick one up on Ebay, Buy It Now for $14.95.


  1. Great card! I don't collect a lot of game-used relic cards, since there are too many to keep track of, but this is nice one.

  2. Based on a recommendation by the Night Owl, your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama

  3. Good deal for the Phillies. I'd like to see them repeat.