Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Junky Pack Break

I recently purchased 2 boxes of 1988 junk wax on eBay for the steep price of $1.25 (plus shipping, of course). What can I say -- it was an impulse buy. Anyway, said junk arrived on my doorstep today and I decided to bust open one pack in search of some Phillie goodness.

I think today we will start with good ol' Topps. According to the wrapper, I could win a trip to 1989 Spring Training!

First things first, 21 year old gum that is surprisingly in one piece. Abby desperately wanted it, but I couldn't do that to a child.
410 Tony Pena
230 Pat Tabler
509 Bill Dawley
227 Ed Correa
343 Greg Gagne -- according to Wikipedia Greg is "arguably the greatest shortstop in the history of the Minnesota Twins."
222 Steve Farr
218 Dan Shatzeder
694 Eric Nolte
15 Chili Davis
308 Lee Mazzilli
384 Neil Allen
202 Glenn Hoffman
151 Bob Knepper
510 Dave Winfield -- guess this is the "hit" of the pack.
152 Jody Reed

No Phillies. Hmm, that was uneventful.

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